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Innovating Connectivity – WiFi 6/6E with Bluetooth 5.3 Combo in AP6676SDSR and WNFS-267AXI(BT)

Innovating Connectivity


AP6676SDSR and WNFS-267AXI(BT) 

SparkLAN has launched the AP6676SDSR Sip module and WNFS-267AXI(BT) M.2 module, adopted WiFi 6/6E tri-band, integrated with Bluetooth 5.3, and powered by Synaptics chipset technology. Both modules support Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology to enhance connectivity and offering industrial operating temperature range of -40°C~85°C.

AP6676SDSR and WNFS-267AXI(BT) provide reliable and easily integrable connectivity, catering to diverse industries and offering robust solutions to meet the evolving demands of the dynamic market.


WiFi 6/6E 2×2 WiFi with Bluetooth5.3 

M.2 LGA Type 1216 Module


WiFi 6/6E Industrial-Grade 2×2 WiFi with Bluetooth5.3 

M.2 2230 Module (E key)

Standard                    WiFi 6/6E Tri-band
Chipset                    Synaptics
Interface                    WLAN : SDIO 3.0 / 2.0
Antenna                    2 x MHF4 connectors
Temperature Range                    -40°C~ 85°C  (Operating)
Driver Support                    Linux, Android

AP6676SDSR and WNFS-267AXI(BT) Technology

                   ● Tri-band Wi-Fi 6/6E Support:Operating across 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, equipped with OFDMA and 1024QAM, enhancing connectivity and efficiency.
                   ● 2×2 MU-MIMO with Dual-Stream:Maximize network efficiency for simultaneous multi-device connections. Achieve a swift 1200 Mbps data rate.
                    Industrial-Grade Connectivity:These modules are designed to reliably operate in extreme conditions ranging from -40°C to 85°C.
                     Security : Support the WPA3 enterprise security standards.

Extended Applications

WNFS-267AXI(BT) is recommended for applications like digital signage, POS, and industrial settings, ensuring high-speed data transmission, and  AP6676SDSR transforms healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive sectors with its compact SiP design.