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Wireless in Transportation

It has been long since transportation industry adopting wireless technology to enhance It’s precision, and quality to accommodate human and machine interactions. Transportation includes but not limited to Trains, buses, fleet and Airplanes. Apart from Fleet management, most public transportation facilities like buses and trains have now provide WiFi hotspot infrastructures for public to access to the internet, even free of charge in many countries. This brings up city images to local and oversea casual, or business travelers, and extends the broadcast coverage for information and entertainment coverage. SparkLAN offers a range of Access Point targeted solutions for both indoor, or outdoor use, and the gimmicks that you need to be aware of.


When it comes to transportation work, punctuality and safety is always the goal. Buses and Fleet management especially, as these vehicles runs on the road everyday along with pedestrians, it is important to ensure drivers are travelling in the safest way possible on day to day basis, most vehicles equip full 360 surveillance system to ensure no dead spot when moving on the road. Through use high speed WiFi, Buses and Trains can uplift their surveillance application by wirelessly uploading surveillance footage to a centralize server while parking in the dock, this ensures, this ensures driver are safe during their trip, and the quality of deliver can be monitored and maintained if training are required. SparkLAN provides wide variety of high speed WiFi solutions in different interface to design in the embedded system.


To ensure fleet and public service goes on time, multiple wireless technology is required to work together for constant tracking, such as LTE, GPS, and WiFi. This allows vehicles to identify their location on real-time basis, prevent congestion, mis-route and other unexpected instance that creates further delay problems on delivery. During design phase, it is important to ensure these wireless technology does not interfere with each other to provide optimal performance. It is also important to consider during design phase, how to prevent co-location problems for later certification work.

There are a lot more creative applications in transportation field that we love to share, we provide a whole range of WiFi solutions that have proven to work with all kinds of transportation related application, and if you need help in choosing the right one, be sure to contact our sales for further assistance.