IoT should be easy, this easy

While you are busy innovating and helping this world to become a better place, making communication work between machines and world could be a difficult. We are here to simplify this for you, so you can focus on the most important thing of all, your solution/s.


Learn how we have simplified this process for these applications

Networking / Safety

By integrating sophisticated Wireless technology on Access Point to enhance communication with advance encryption and up-time stability while in high speed transmission.

Transport  / Automation

Through industrial-grade modules designed for private and public applications with long life-time supply, and wide co-existing with other wireless technologies.


Offer a range from stable connections to high performance selections to all ’round medical use, with very long-life availability to prevent unnecessary change, thereby ensuring minimal re-certification needs.

Industrial / Rouged

The widest industrial/military grade module and accessory selections offer, offers high versatility for all ’round industrial and rouged designs with minimal development effort.

Plug, Connect, and Go

Making integration simple for IoT application is our ultimate goal.

The improvement of wireless technology on performance and security has brought so much versatility on sophisticated industrial applications that involve M2M, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. However, the integration of wireless technology, especially Wifi, is a very tricky integration on any embedded project.


SparkLAN can help simplify this process for you by reduce up to 60% of development time to advance your application to the next level with the latest Wi-Fi technology

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What else could we help you?

Rich Product Selection

The most products available, guaranteed. Utilize only the most well-known chipset makers and take the best of everything

Technical Support

From hardware to software, debug or customization in most popular operating systems, include Linux, Android, and Windows

Certification Readiness

Multiple certifications available to reduce your cost of development, certification service also available with tier 1 world-wide known Lab.

Long-Term Availability

Flexible, and reliable logistic arrangement to deliver the product to you, when you need it. Support up to 7 to 10 years life-cycle means, for how long you need it.

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