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Point of Sale

Point of Sale begins to adapt when businesses start taking a more dynamic approach thanks to the evolve of monetary exchange. When cash can be exchanged with more than just credit cards, when shopfront services shifting from full labor operation, to half or as low as 20%, POS has to evolve in order to reduce cost for enterprise in wages and training, while maintaining lower operation error, and high, if not higher productivity level.

Unlike Other industrial use, POS machines are made to interact with humans, with any form of technology level, that means the design of these platform needs to be very intuitive, easy access, and very versatile in all kinds of environments. This is all needed while machine itself requires to be stable and reliable, low drop out periods to avoid transaction errors, this equates a WiFI module that can support multi operating systems that are visually oriented like Windows and Android in all versions, or even Linux to ensure user versatility, and is also vital to have long term software support for development.

Apart from Software, POS is also adopting mobile design so user can approach customers directly rather than traditional way. Some retail premise can be big across multiple Access Point coverages, in order for mobile devices to work without disconnections, roaming or even fast roaming is important to be in place to ensure reliable service and experience when staff, or even the customer are handling the equipment. Extensive field test for signal and transfer stability is required, and would recommend solution that are certified by multiple labs to ensure performance and endurance are both covered.