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Founded in 2002, SparkLAN is one of the worldwide leading wireless networking solution providers. Our product mix covers wireless embedded modules, and wireless networking devices, offering a comprehensive line of solutions for M2M connectivity in the highest growing broadband communication application.

Why SparkLAN?

SparkLAN is dedicated to design-in, marketing and sales of a top-quality wireless solution. Our product range includes commercial grade and Industrial grade wireless modules solution. We provide technical support, consultation, and module, from customer initial development phase right through to production and beyond. Short communication channels within our organization guarantee rapid and highly competent care and attention.


Working closely with our customers, SparkLAN is able to advise customers on the latest trends in technology as well as sharing product roadmaps. In addition to offering technical solutions, SparkLAN also keeps a close eye on prices and lead-times, ensuring the right modules are delivered to the right place at the right time. Our ability to include flexible customer-specific logistics is also a key strength of SparkLAN.


In order to ensure a good communication quality through the air, wireless technology integration is critical at design and planning stage, to ensure solid performance with least inteference on the overall system design. SparkLAN can provide genuine advice as to how you should design your platform, in terms of placement of antennas, operating systems, and even socket design options to ensure maximum versatility overtime.


Our design concept on hardware focuses on easy to integrate module type with standard industrial interface, like PCIe, and USB. With industrial standard guideline to follow, integration is massively simplied. Software is available with popular operating system like Windows, Linux, and Android. This provides customer with wide options and does not need to change core design of existing platform, making integration friendly.


SparkLAN can also help integration on software porting, or even customize features if default features do not meet real applications.


Certification is always tedious and an expensive process to go through before design goes mass production. We equip thousands of certification experience to help you identify the accurate test items that is needed for RF testing, professional system setup, and debugging when test fail occurs with World Tier 1 Testing Labs. This process is usually handled by your engineering team, however SparkLAN is ready to help you if you need to speed things up with limited resources and lack of experience. We are able to shorten this process up for up to 40% time length.


Utilizing only ISO accredited manufacturing facilities, SparkLAN ensures top notch product quality, and minimal schedule fluctuation control. With sophisticated key material planning strategy,  and strong distribution partner system around the globe , we can ensure better industry delivery lead time (shorter), and product availability life cycle (Longer). SparkLAN also provides flexible manufacturing to reduce hefty MOQ (minimum order quantity), and OEM services to our customer.

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