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Innovictor Co., Ltd

About Us

InnoVictor’s team members are mainly from the communication,RFID/NFC and optical display field with over 15 years experience.


We offer various product from ESL (electronic shelf label), e-paper display module, wireless module (2G/2.5G/2.75G/3G/3.5G/LTE/BT), RFID/NFC and medical related solution. Therefore, our products car cover M2M/IOT /Internet of Thing), ESL and medical related application.


We don’t only aim to provide the value-up, customized solutions and satisfied service to customers, but also wish our many advanced and innovative solutions can create a new smart word for human being in 21st century.


Our Vision:

Be a innovator with a never-ending request to feed the mind, successfully develop the solutions to bring new smart and health and green life to human being.


Our Mission:

  • Provide the smart green product that can augment the life quality of humans
  • Integrity is the fundamental principle that governs our relationship with InnoVict customers, shareholders,Suppliers, employees and the public
  • Provide InnoVictor employees with a healthy and delightful work environment.

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