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BT5.2 (BR, EDR) + BLE +BLE mesh + MCU with Antenna Module


  • Lead Free design which is compliant with RoHS requirements
  • Integrated Ceramic Chip Antenna.
  • 32-bit high performance MCU with clock up to 96MHz.
  • DMIC (Digital Mic)
  • AMIC (Analog Mic)
  • Stereo Audio output.


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Product Overview


SparkLAN Technology would like to announce a low-cost and low-power consumption module which has the Bluetooth 5 functionalities. The WL71515_A can be applied to IoT and standards and industrial alliance specifications including Bluetooth 5.2,Basic data rate (BR), Enhanced data rate (EDR),LE, indoor positioning and BLE Mesh standard. The WL71515_A combines the features and functions needed for high quality wireless audio equipments into a single SoC.


The WL71515_A integrates strong 32-bit RISC-V (RISC-Five) MCU, DSP, 2.4 GHz ISM Radio, 256 KB SRAM, 1MB Flash, stereo audio codec,14 bit AUX ADC, analog and digital Microphone input, PWM, flexible IO interfaces, and other peripheral blocks required for advanced audio applications.
The WL71515_A also includes multi-stage power management design allowing ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for wearable and power-constraint applications.With the high integration level of WL71515, few external components are needed to satisfy customers’ ultralow cost requirements.

Suitable Application


●  Wearable devices
●  Augmented reality glasses
●  Personal care & Fitness
●  Smart watches
●  Smart trackers
●  Wristband
●  Audio Solutions
●  Wireless headsets
●   Earbuds



Environmental Compliance


ROHS Reach




Product Description BT5.2 (BR, EDR) + BLE +BLE mesh + MCU with Antenna Module
Temperature Range -40~ 85°C (Operating) -65 ~150°C (Storing)
Humidity (Non-Condensing) 10 ~ 70% (Operating)
Dimension (MM) 15 x 10(typical) mm x 1.95 mm±0.15mm(Max.)
Weight TBD
Warranty Period 12 Month
HS Code 8517620050