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802.11b/g AP Board, Realtek RTL8186

‧ Realtek RTL8186
‧ Interface: 1 LAN, 16M RAM, 2M Flash
‧ 802.3af PoE, High power
‧ Harsh Temperature: -30 °C~60 °C
‧ 64/128-bits WEP, WPA, WPA2, MAC ACL, Hidden SSID
‧ Multi-modes: AP, AP client, Bridge, WDS, Universal Repeater

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SparkLAN WAPR-100G(P) is 802.11g high power AP board, whose RF output power can be up to 23dBm (200mW). WAPR-100G(P) offers multi-mode in AP, WDS, Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi Point Bridge, repeater and AP Client, which can extend the wireless coverage range and easily set up Wi-Fi infrastructure in large area. For competitive WISP market, WAPR-100G(P) is an ideal solution encompassing the flexible deployment, high security, low TCO, and easy-to-use advantages. 

Higher RF Output Power
WAPR-100G(P) can support Up to 23dBm (200mW) under 802.11g mode and 26dBm (400mW) under 802.11b mode. The highly RF output power can enlarge the wireless coverage.


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