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802.11b UART / SPI Module, Gainspan GS1011M, 1T1R, PCB Antenna

‧ Standard: 802.11b
‧ Interface: UART / SPI
‧ Chipset: Gainspan GS1011M
‧ Form factor: castellation on the edge
‧ Antenna: 1 x PCB antenna, 1T1R
‧ Data rate up to 11Mbps
‧ Enhanced wireless security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS
‧ Driver not required

*Not recommended for new design

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Ultra Low Power Consumption Solution

SparkLAN WSDG-100B is an 802.11b WiFi Module used Gainspan GS1011M chipset. The module provides serial UART / SPI interface to bring WiFi connectivity to any embedded devices through a 8/16/32-bits microcontroller via simple commands. By using its power management system (Sleep, Deep, Standby), the module consumes ultra low power. 

WSDG-100B doesn’t require a driver, which eliminates RF development time and thus accelerates time to market.

Multi Software Configurations
Multiple software configurations are available for the stack running on the module. For application using a small 8-bits microcontroller host, WSDG-100B supports a serial to WiFi function and runs the full WiFi and TCP/ IP networking stacks, completely offloading the host. For applications using more powerful microcontrollers, the networking stack and services can reside on the host while the module provides the IP to WiFi functionality. SparkLAN WSDG-100B can operate as infrastructure, limited AP or Adhoc mode for easy device communication and provisioning.

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